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Ability to Generate Reports


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I am creating a site for a client who has a meal preparation company. Her clients will choose meals from their latest menu, fill out a form, and purchase. My client needs a report generated from the different orders from the various clients in order to determine the ingredients needed for purchase weekly or biweekly. Is this possible with Formidable? To generate a report?


you need to generate a view and probably use a hook in which you do your operations. The result can then be displayed on the screen, sent by email or output in PDF.

Yes. That is what makes Formidable unique, the ability to do whatever you want with the output from the form data you collect. There is some standard shortcode for providing simple tabular results. You can achieve better reports with advanced coding.

You can use lookup fields to generate your meals that can be selected and the quantities predetermined based on the variables you create.

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