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Access Entry Data From Custom Action


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I'm creating a custom action and have just about everything working perfectly except the dynamic content.

The action frm_trigger_my_action_name_create_action supplies action, entry, and form data to my function. How do I replace the shortcodes in the action with the entry meta?


You're question is a little confusing. When you say "custom action", do you mean custom form action as in these types of actions?

Or, do you mean an add_action("some_hook", "frm_trigger_my_action_name_create_action").

Please clarify what you're trying to do.

By custom action I mean custom form action.
add_action('frm_registered_form_actions', 'register_my_action');
add_action('frm_trigger_my_action_name_create_action', 'my_action_create', 10, 3);
add_action('frm_trigger_my_action_name_update_action', 'my_action_update', 10, 3);
add_action('frm_trigger_my_action_name_delete_action', 'my_action_delete', 10, 3);

When my_action_create (and the others) is triggered it gets passed $action, $entry, and $form. The raw JSON (see previously attached photo) field in $action->post_content has all of the field shortcodes unprocessed. How do I parse the text so that [13] gets replaced with that entry’s value?

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