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Adding a pre-fix to the range value using the Slider


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Hi there, I would like to add a pre-fix to the range value/result when using the Slider field e.g. £, $, Year, Age etc and be able to adjust this for each specific slider, if I have multiple sliders on each page with different value types e.g. £, $, Year, Age etc. I'm a total amateur developer-wise, therefore any help (in lay terms) would be hugely appreciated. Thanks, Paul


Hi Paul,

If you want them all to be the same then you could do this with some custom CSS like so:

.frm_range_value:before {
content: "£";
margin-right: 2px;

Change the £ sign to whatever you need.

You could also use this method to have different symbols for different fields by adding the field ID selector like this:

#frm_field_3689_container .frm_range_value:before {
content: "£";
margin-right: 2px;

Alternatively you could have a look in the form Settings > Customise HTML section and see if you can add the symbols in there.

Hope that helps


Hey Chris,

Thanks for your help! That worked a treat!

Initially it applied the '£' to all of the values within a specific form, so I added '#frm_field_103_container label', followed by the CSS you suggested and BOOM, it worked perfectly!

Here's what I used...

#frm_field_103_container label, #frm_field_103_container .frm_range_value:before { content: "£ "; margin-right: 2px; }

Thanks again - really appreciated your help.

Have a fab day!


Glad it worked for you :)

All the best


Discussion closed.