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Adding Edit and Detail Links on One View


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Hello. Apologies if this is in the manuals but I can't find the answer.

Basically, I have a list of entries the user has made and I want to have a 'Detail' link (on the entry date) and an 'Edit' link.

The edit link is already working and brings up the entry in the form just fine, the user can edit and save the entry. However, if I add anything in the Detail Page section of the View, that appears above the form so now the information is displayed twice in the same view.

I'm sure I am misunderstanding something but I can't quite get my head around providing separate 'Detail' and 'Edit' links that are independent of each other so that the 'Detail' link just shows the user what they entered and the 'Edit' link allows them to edit it.

This all relates to a free mental health resource I am building and the Mood Tracker that users can record how they feel into. I'm trying to keep it stress-free and simple.

I cannot thank you enough for your help if you're able to shed some light on where I am getting confused.


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