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Advanced Form Styling


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Hi Guys,

Over the last few days we've been working on some advanced form styling for Formidable.

You can view the demo HERE.

The demo focuses on 2 main areas: more advanced styling for form fields and a JS powered tab layout.

The project is still in development so still has a few bugs but once it's complete we plan on writing a couple of 'Tips & Tricks' articles to show others how we achieved the styling and functionality if the community thinks it would be useful.

If anyone has some spare time to test the form out on various browsers / devices then please let us know if you find any specific issues (there's a few Safari based issues we know about already).

Please let us know your feedback


Chris - FDM Digital

Excellent work guys very impressive. I've taken a look at the demos and the styles look good.

Thanks Chris.

Played with your demo form. All working and looking great. Nice job and thanks (in advance) for sharing.

Using Windows 10 Ver 1709 with Google Chrome Ver 64

Thanks for the feedback Martin.

Hi ronoi,

Any chance you can share the styling? It seems the demo is 404.


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