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After submit a form and also register user


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I have a form to create a post.

The form requires "username", "password", "name", "email", "phone number"

And also they ( who submit the form ) need to be registered as a user.

How can I make it?

Any hooks after submit form?

Thank you,




Hi Pulla,
User registration add-on is exactly built for that purpose -

This section in the documentation explains how to add "Register user" action in your form -

By the way, if you have permission, could you please change the label of this post from "Tips & Tricks" to something like "Form" or "User registration"?

"Tips & Tricks" as the name suggests used for sharing "Tips & Tricks" with other users in this forum. Thank you

Thank you for your quick answer.

Yes, Support team helped and it works very fine!!

Very thank you,


FYI ) I am sorry for the wrong label. I can't find where I can change. If I can, I will do.

Thank you,


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