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Hi All!!!

I'm having issues with using the duplicate entry shortcode code provided by Formidable. Sadly its creating two entries which I suspect is down to a repeating section.

It was suggested that I use AJAX to duplicate an entry, do any of you know where to start or might have some code snippets I could use to create an ajax duplicate function??

Many thanks in advance



Ajax can be pretty complex, especially if you are using a repeatable section. You have to write all of the duplication code in PHP and invoke it through jQuery triggered by some action on your form. This is not something that can be satisfied through simple snippets. This is custom development work. The details you provided above are not sufficient to even suggest a starting point. Unless another volunteer on this site has a different idea, I suggest you engage a developer if you are not a strong coder.

That's what i'm probably leaning towards.




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