All logged IP addresses are the same since 09/17


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So, I use Formidable Forms Pro on several websites. On one of them, the IP addresses are all being logged as one single IP address, instead of their "normal" IP address. When I do a lookup of the IP address, it appears as though it's for Bluehost, which is who we host through. However, I have several other sites that host through Bluehost who are not getting this same thing.

One of my other sites uses Sucuri and the IP addresses are coming up as that service. I assume since it's a cloud firewall, that's why this is happening, but is there any way to get the actual IP address to show up through the cloud firewall?

Thanks, in advance for any insight!

There's probably nothing you can do about it. Since the traffic is coming through a cloud firewall, it's operating as a proxy for the external sites. All of this activity takes place well before Formidable is in the chain of custody. I would ask Sucuri if they can pass through the external IP addresses.

Fair enough...I'll check with the cloud firewall folks to see if they can pass through the actual IP.



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