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Hi, I have been able to add form entries into another database table using the relevant hook.  It looks like this:

add_action('frm_after_create_entry', 'copy_data', 20, 2);
function copy_data($entry_id, $form_id){
if($form_id == 6){ //form id
global $wpdb;
$values = array('image' => $_POST['item_meta'][76], 'sku' => $_POST['item_meta'][67], 'material' => $_POST['item_meta'][68], 'size' => $_POST['item_meta'][70], 'shape_multi_select' => $_POST['item_meta'][69], 'stone_carat_weight' => $_POST['item_meta'][72], 'price' => $_POST['item_meta'][80], 'pair' => $_POST['item_meta'][82], 'is_a_set' => $_POST['item_meta'][81], 'set_how_many' => $_POST['item_meta'][90]);
$wpdb->insert('my_db_table', $values);

The trouble is, it is inserting the attachment ID and not the URL.  I have seen this page, but I am unsure how to insert this into the function to return the URL.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!


All you should have to do is wrap the image id in the function like this:

'image' => wp_get_attachment_url( $_POST['item_meta'][76] )

Thanks very much vfontjr, that worked a treat!

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