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Automatically Cancel Recurring payment/subscription after 4 transactions


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I have a class registration form that collects payment. There are two options, pay in full or 4 equal payments. Formidable support says there isn't a built into the platform to automatically stop a recurring payment after a specific number of transactions but it can be done with custom code.

Has anyone done this or something similar? I'm lost...

I've also reached out to Formidable "Pros" but haven't received much of a response.


Thank you,


Hey Travis - Formidable has a code snippet for this here:

Are you familiar with how to get that onto your server? Here are the basics:

Does that help you get started?

Holy $&*$ I think you just saved me!

I'll give this a shot...

Thank you,


I'm using Stripe for the payment gateway :-(

Guess I should have mentioned that in the original message...

Oh darn, that's probably the one Formidable add-on that I don't have. I'm sure it's possible to do what you want but I don't really know how to set it up. Perhaps someone else will come along with some suggestions for you!

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