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Best practice for multiple users data


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I'm developing a web application that would need multiple users to use their data individually. Each user would only be able to see their own captured data in forms, views, etc. What would be the best practice to achieve this and working without problems? I can see three options:

  1. Each user is only allowed to enter and see their own data, but all of them working in only one WordPress/Formidable installation. I'm concerned that in some time the data would grow in an unconvenient way, for example that every user would reach hundreds or thousands of records and there would be, let's say, at least fifty users. I don't know how to anticipate if there would be problems with data handling, from storage to a possible mixing of records. The advantage of this method is obviously the easy way to update the application for all users.
  2. Each user is given their own WordPress/Formidable installation and no one cares about other users working in parallel, but I don't know how to manage anytime the application must be updated (imagine working on the code of every installation).

What would you recommend?

Unless you're an admin, formidable only let's people see their own data. They must be logged in when the form entries are made and the user id will be stored with the form. When you create your views, you filter them for the user id.

WordPress is built to scale. It can handle millions of records easily.

If you must create separate instances of WordPress, setup WordPress as multi-site instead. Multi-site is one instance of WordPress with each site (user) having their own set of database tables, site name, and theme.

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