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Something that seems to have hit all my sites using Fforms pro at an unrecocnised date in the past month or two..

I recently decided to revise a bunch of forms on one of my websites - there were some 18 forms, some for post creation, some for contacts of one sort or another, some also with front-end edit facilities.

First, I started to edit each form by removing or re-laying various fields on the 'build' page.

Having done that, I moved into settings and went to the 'create post' function and scrolled down to where the form fields were married together with custom fields.

The redundant fields were obvious because of course there was a 'select field' message. Instead of selecting a message, I clicked to delete that line.

Immediately, the entire lower section of the 'create posts' edit screen (the part which includes the custom fields) vanishes and cannot be recovered. The only option is to update the form, wait for it to save, open the 'create post' function again, scroll down, find another custom field connection that needs to be deleted, and then repeat the process. It is a mind-numbing waste of time.


Faced with such an unfriendly edit routine, (after doing this on 3-4 forms) I eventually decided it was quicked to delete the whole 'create post' function and create one afresh. I'm sure that's not what the authors intended?




Also, and this has been an issue for 12-18 months, if I go into the 'build' screen of a form, then click on one of a bunch of fields, there is a very good chance that instead of opening the field details, the field will instead be moved to another location, above or below its existing slot. Annoying, especially when it isn't always apparent that this has happened (on mutil-field forms you need to KNOW the correct order of fields in order to catch this).  Please fix it....

Questions on this forum are answered by community volunteers without any affiliation to the Formidable developers. We are end users just like you. I'm sorry you are experiencing these problems and thank you for the detailed explanation. Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do to help or even transmit this issue to the Formidable team. The best place to report your problem is with the Formidable support team: https://formidableforms.com/help-desk/

You mean pay to renew support in order to report a bug?

Reporting bugs here has no effect whatsoever. As community volunteers, we can't help you with this as we do not work for Formidable. Once in a while, someone from Formidable will check this forum, but you shouldn't expect them to capture your issue. Besides, I'm not convinced it is a bug with the tool. I run Formidable on many, many sites and have not encountered the issue you describe. It may be related to something in your local environment, i.e., PHP version, plugin conflict, etc.

With the level of help you require with this issue, it would be a wise move to renew your support.

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