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Can forms display results in graphs from specific formulas calculated from user form input?


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Hi guys,

Can I use FormidableForms to create a calculator similar to the following example where users choose some variables or input numbers (TRAVEL and HOME steps), then results are calculated through a specific formula (Plugin internal calculation with formulas created by me) and displayed in graphic form (RESULTS step)?  Then the ability to compare results with other user input (same RESULTS step)? These steps are from the following example, please check, it takes you 20 seconds to go through all 4 steps:

Thanks in advance! 🙂

Hi Sergio,

Yes you can.

With Formidable Pro you can create multipart forms to capture the data and then create a view to display the results using the built in graphs.

You can also show the data of other users input for comparison.

There's documentation covering all of the above here:

Hope that helps


Hi Chris,

Thanks so much for your reply. And your info does help, I'm glad results can be displayed by graphs and then compared to other user results.  This solves two of the 3 questions I had.

I just haven't found out if the bar graph results can be obtained by formulas and not necessarily the input fields users submitted.

For example,

Step 1, Questions asked: 

How many cokes do you drink every week (submitted answer: 14)
How many glasses of milk do you drink every week (submitted answer: 11)

Step 2, Questions asked: 

How many hamburgers do you eat every week (submitted answer: 3)
How many junk food products do you eat every week (submitted answer: 7)

Plugin should calculate daily averages with these formulas:

Average daily liquids: 14 + 11 = 25 / 7 = 3.57
Average daily hard foods: 3 + 7 = 10 / 7 = 1.43

Step 3, Bar Graph Results:

Bar Graph 1 - Title: Daily Average Liquids -- Bar Graph Size: 3.57
Bar Graph 2 - Title: Daily Average Hard Foods -- Bar Graph Size: 1.43

What I need the plugin to do is not bar graph the 4 input fields (weekly cokes, weekly glasses of milk, hamburgers and junk food products).

I need it to use the user input that would go through specific formulas and then I would need the formula results to be bar graphed, like in this example, the Daily Average Liquids for graph 1 and Hard Foods for graph 2.

Do you know if this would be possible with Formidable Forms?

Thanks Chris!



Calculate the formulas and store the result to hidden fields. Use the hidden fields to display on the graph.

Hi Victor,

Thanks for the reply!  What you suggest can be done with the default Formidable Form features, right?  I wouldn't mind purchasing an addon if necessary.

And last question, can calculating formulas and storing results to hidden fields to display results in graphs be done in the background without the need of an extra step?  I mean, in the example, if I do a similar calculator using Formidable Forms, could the formula calculation be done when clicking the "NEXT" button in the "HOME" step so the bar graphs would show immediately in the next "RESULTS" step?

If the answer is yes, I finally found the form plugin that I needed :)

Thanks Victor!


If you do the calculation in jQuery, the hidden field is populated in real time whenever an input field is changed.

Ok Victor. I'm guessing this is some custom work, right?  If yes, how can we talk about getting a quote for an addon and other details?

Hi Sergio,

All of this is built in to Formidable Pro so no need for any custom work necessarily.

As Victor said, Formidable will do the calculations using jQuery so they are done in real time.

You can see how some basic calculations work here:

Apart from the styling, all of this is done with standard Formidable Pro features.



Here are some articles that will help you:

Field Calculations:




Sergio, did you ever get an answer to your challenge about using values submitted by user as graph points instead of the default which seems to be based on number of submissions? I am having a similar challenge where I want to use the form input values from a single form to generate a graph.

Discussion closed.