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Can't Edit Entry with Lookup Fields


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So I have a form with several lookup fields that drill down to specific entries from another form.  Once the form is submitted it updates one of those lookup fields (housing Request status) from the other form using the frm_update_create_entry hook.


I created a page to view the entries from this form with the lookup fields and included an edit link but when I click edit and it takes me to the form to edit it it doesn’t show what was submitted because the status was updated on the other form’s entry.


How can I get it so the lookup field is set properly when I edit?

More details about the forms...

Registration Form has fields

  • Display Name
  • Gender
  • Church
  • Housing Request Status


Housing Request Form has lookup fields

  • Lookup Field (checkbox)  Registration Form (Housing Request Status) – hidden from basic users and visitors
  • Lookup Field (checkbox) – Registration Form (Church)
  • Lookup Field (checkbox) – Registration Form (Gender) – watches Church above
  • Lookup Field (checkbox) – Registration Form (Display Name) – watches Church and Gender Above


When Housing Request Form is submitted frm_update_create_entry hook fires off and updates the selected Registrants from the Registration Form.


When I try to edit the entry later the registrants that were selected are not in the list because the lookup fields are filtering them out.  How can I get it so they are not filtered out?


I need to have the ability to edit the Housing Request Entry and update the registrants.


Any help would be appreciated.



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