Can't edit posts when they came from form


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Suddenly, all content created from formidable forms pro can not be edited. That is - the posts can be edited in the Backend, but new/ edited text/ links, are not shown FE on the website. It seems, that the "view" somehow overrides showing of the "real" (edited) post.

Does anyone know how to fix this (major) issue? Thx 🙂


I've run into this issue and I have found a couple of workarounds.

To enable editing of a single post that was created with formidable, disconnect it from the form by removing the custom field that has the form id.
In many cases there's no reason to save a form entry when you are using the form to create a post. So this is a good time to check the 'don't create any entries from this form' checkbox in the form settings.

Hope this helps.

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