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Center Align Text


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Does anyone know how to center align text within a form?


It's driving me crazy! I've spent ages trying to work this simple thing out.

Please post a link to the page you're having trouble with so we can examine the CSS.

I want to center the text input & placeholders in the form fields. (e.g. name, etc)


You need to add this to your style sheet:

#form_lead-details input {
text-align: center;

Thanks! That's much neater. I really appreciate the help!

A few more quick questions I've never solved with Formidable:

Q1: Do you by any chance know how to add a fixed field prefix within a placeholder label?

i.e. not before the form field.
not editable.

See attached.

Q2: Submit speed.

I've always noticed there's a massive lag on submitting the first answer.

E.g. if you click the first (radio field - replaced with image) it's SO SLOW to go to the next question.

Or here You select the slider and it's about a 3s delay before it goes to the next question. That's crazy slow, when it should almost be instant!








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