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Hi there!

I'm looking for a way to add checkmarks to form entries after validation. An example: you enter your name in the first field and it shows a checkmark next to it. You then move to the email field, which also shows a checkmark when you enter a valid email address. Etc.

Is this possible with Formidable and if so, how can it be done?

Thank you so much for your help!

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Is it possible: yes. Is it easy: no.

If you have the form set to validate with JavaScript, then you might be able to hook into the JavaScript event to display the check mark, but I'm not certain because no one has ever asked this question before. If the form is not set to validate with JavaScript, then validation takes place on the server in PHP. You may be able to hook into frm_validate_entry to create a function that applies across all fields or frm_validate_field_entry to create specific functions for individual fields.

If I were doing this for myself, I would use a jQuery approach to handle everything in the browser and avoid round trips to the server.

This would be such a handy feature...

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