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Combine email addresses from different forms into a list


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I have several registration forms with the option to register for the newsletter. I want to collect all these registrations of the various forms in one list and send them to Camainmonitor with Zapier.
Is that possible?

Kind regards,


I'm assuming when you wrote "Camainmonitor", you mean Campaign Monitor.

Zapier is a real-time connector. When you use Zapier with Formidable and an entry is created by a user, the mailing list details are entered into Campaign Monitor simultaneously.

What you want to do isn't possible with Zapier, because the entries are already created. I'm not familiar with Campaign Monitor, but there's probably a way for you to import email addresses from a CSV file. You can download the Formidable data as CSV files. You'll have to do this for each one of your forms, then merge all of the into a single CSV using Excel or another tool that helps you bild CSV files. Once you've got your file ready, upload it into Campaign Monitor.

Thank you for your answer, and indeed excuse me for my misspelling.
I mean something else.
I want to have all the registrations (email addresses) of the various forms collected in one place (form) in Formidable. Then I make a link with Zapier / Campaign Monitor
Is that possible you think?
Kind regards,


As I already said, you can only use Zapier while the entry is being created. Zapier is a real-time connector. Zapier is not going to help you with what you want to do.

Collecting all of the email addresses in one place after they've been added through multiple forms has to imported into Campaign Monitor through a CSV file.

Please read this article for further details:

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