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combine multiple forms into one? or save a set of fields as a template?


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This is a pre-purchase question.  I am taking a workbook and re-creating it so that it can be filled out online.  There are 200 pages in the book, and most of the pages are laid out exactly the same.  Is there an easy way for me to use templates to accomplish this without having to design each page from scratch  (or duplicate one form 200 times and then connect multiple forms)...

It will take the user several days to complete the online form (workbook), so they will need to be able to save and come back to their work.

Hi Lisa,

With Formidable Pro you can create 'Sections' within your form and have various form elements within each section.

You can then duplicate the sections and just make amends to each section as required which sounds like it may be what you're after.

You would still need to create the initial section and then duplicate it 200 times if that's the route you decide to go down though.

As long as users are logged in they can also save their progress and come back later to carry on.

Hope that helps.


Awesome - that's exactly what I'm looking for.  Thank you!

I am working on putting this workbook into formidable pro.  There are 200 pages in the workbook, and each workbook page has about 30 fields.  Can I make one big form with 200 sections (one section per page, each followed by a page break), or will the form be too big to load or save correctly?

Do I need to make 200 forms instead and link them together somehow?  If so, how do I link them all together and keep track of the data in one record for each user?

Thanks in advance,


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