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I have a project that has landed on my desk and my thought was to use Formidable, however I am seeing one hang up - inability (either by my lack of knowledge or lack of ability in the code) to produce additional form elements.

Here's the issue, I want to allow an admin to add additional sizes of a product in which the visitor will go to a form and be able to fill out a said form with a # value to fill in for each - so something like:

[  ]  Size 8 Shoes
[  ]  Size 9 Shoes

And they put in a qty. for each number of shoes they want, however, I don't see an easy way to display all the shoe sizes for particular admin, so Admin 1 only offers Size 8 and Admin 2 only offers size 8EE - Is there a way to allow it to build out a base form but fill in that core set of info based upon another entry that the admin has filled in for the item in question?

Second complexity from that is how easy would it be to get that information into a view in which I can pull even more info from another entry based upon other data entered by the admins? So like instructions for each leg of things with some math in the mix to take the # of shoes and say:

2 x 8 shoes = 16socks.

As a response and formatted as a quick step by step guide.

Is this something Formidable can do on either front?



I've read your post several times, but I'm not getting a clear picture of what you're trying to accomplish. Let me see if I understand.

You have users of a form that you call admin. Are these users actual WordPress administrators or are they end users that administer an application?

You want to allow these admins to add product variations, but display the variations to end users based on a particular admin. Is that correct? That's the part that's confusing me. Please try to explain the process with a better example of your goal.

As far as Formidable being able to do this, the answer is yes and no. No, if you expect these complexities out of the box. Yes, in that Formidable allow for the custom coding that may be required if I understand your requirement properly.

The admin would be shop specific so admin 1 is for shop 1 and his custom shoe sizes work with his form so it would populate with only the sizes he wants so he can give recommendations based upon only products his shop offers, thus another admin who runs another shop but say doesn’t carry size 8 shoes would not have to have a set of values not specific to his store.


Does that help clear it up? Thinking it’s going to need to be custom coded at this point just wish that I could rely on formidable more just out of the box to knock it out. Again any ideas are appreciated.

Okay, so you're setting up a multi-vendor shop application. Everything you want to do can be achieved with Formidable, but it requires a very detailed design to assure everything is mapped properly. You basically have to setup the shops, assign the admins to each shop, make sure the admins and shops are linked to product variations, etc., and it's still going to require some custom programming.

There are easier ways to accomplish what you want rather than building an entire application from scratch. For example, WooCommerce has a multi-vendor add-on that can do the heavy lifting for you. It also supports product variations out of the box. You can use Formidable on the front-end to customize any forms you might want to present to an end user. It's worth considering.

I guess the idea is I don't really need the WooCommerce part for selling, I simply need the ability to make a quick list of product sizes - thinking its going to be more of a build from scratch setup unless you have any amazing docs to point me at that'll do what I'm thinking with a per-store filtering for a form - just they keep pushing timelines and trying to sinch this up since some of its in WP already wanted to keep it simple and GF didn't have anything close to Formidable without paying for a LOT of addons but just this complexity of needing input text areas to be dynamically built seems to be a problem.

But if you do have any docs that might get me to it I'd appreciate it greatly!

I do not have anything that can help you here. Nobody has ever asked me to solve this kind of problem before. As an community volunteer, I can only help with issues I've solved for my clients. You're breaking new ground with a unique level of complexity.

I appreciate you taking the time that you have - I'll continue my journey looking through docs for a bit more! Have a good one!

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