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Conditional Logic-One field not working


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I set these forms up 2 years ago for our bowling tournament, and the conditional logic worked then. However it is not working for the field "Individual Scratch" now. It should bring up a drop down menu to choose a division (exactly like the "Scratch Masters" below it works).  I've searched the help forum, and don't know JavaScript, or any real coding, so some of the answers are like a foreign language to me.  Can someone please help? Thank you very much in advance.

Here's the page with the issue:  And it's also affecting that same exact field on my other entry forms.



I don't know that it's possible to tell you what's happening without examining the actual form's build page.

I do see 1 HTML error in your text about PayPal, but I doubt that's the reason the condition isn't working.

Thanks for replying! And thanks for the heads up about the HTML error. I looked at the source, found it, and will try to correct.

I checked and double checked the conditional logic in the field set up in the form build, and even deleted it and reentered a new field with conditional logic. Still didn't work. WEIRD THING's only that field. On EVERY form. But the other fields (within those forms) with conditional logic work.  ??


And I have a deadline on this project of June 10th! Yikes!

Helping you requires access to the site's admin area. Have you opened a ticket with Formidable support?

No. But I will thank you! I haven't had to use this plugin for 2 years. Apparently I'm a little rusty. Appreciate your help!

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