Conditonal logic does not work on confirmation page


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Hallo everyone,

The following conditional logic

[if 81 like="Nein"]Nein[/if 81]

works fine in the e-mail-confirmation and displays "Nein".

The same code on an estra confirmation page does not work and displays nothing. Simple fields are displayed.

Can anyone help me please?!?

So it sounds like you are redirecting your user to a confirmation page after they submit a form. You cannot put "[if 81 like="Nein"]Nein[/if 81]" directly on this confirmation page, instead this needs to be part of a view that is displayed on the confirmation page. You can pass the entry ID or key as a URL parameter at the end of your redirect string so the view knows which entry to display. The view would display one entry and use a filter of Entry ID equal to [ get param="entryid" ]. Using URL parameters may or may not be acceptable to you as they allow your user to see other entries by typing in a different entryid.

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