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Connect Formidable Forms charts shortcode parameter with an ACF field?


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I'm building a site for an insurance broker that wants to do questionnaires for their corporate customers' employees. They want the same survery for each customer - so the simple duplicate form with changing name will do. But they also want a page with charts of the single client emplyee submissions. Now building a template site with charts and then duplicating it requires editing each chart shortcode with the proper field ID - which is a terrible problem. I was thinking whether it would be possible somehow to use a custom post type with custom fields where inserting the field ID would populate the shortcode's parameter for the field ID.

Would anyone have some clever ideas on how to make this done?

Let me see if I understand the problem...

You want to duplicate a form for use with different Corporate accounts. For the purpose of this response, let's say your client has 50 corporate accounts. So, with 50 customers, there will be 50 different forms. Is that correct?

What happens if your client wants to change the survey? This means you have to edit 50 different forms. Correct?

You want to display a chart for each of these 50 clients, but want to know how to find the right field id for the shortcode. You want to use an ACF field to store the field id in a CPT.

This means you'll have 50 different CPTs, one for each customer. Now, the question becomes, how would you tell to Formidable which CPT to use of the 50 to find the right field ID and add it to a shortcode?

Truthfully, I think you're making more work for yourself that you need to. You could probably do this all with 1 form and 1 chart display page by using a combination of URL parameters and a custom post template to build the shortcode.

You shouldn't have to go through the effort of building 50 different forms, 50 different CPTs, and 50 different display pages. I also don't know how you would tell Formidable which CPT to use or how your would pass the right field id to Formidable's shortcode if it's stored in a CPT without the use of a custom post template.

All forms will be identical and not changed. If they change it will be only for new forms, not old. New form will be a duplicate of the template form. Eventually of course this will mean an increasing number of forms, but since the customer needs to collect and seperate answers from users from different accounts, this is an obvious way.

As far as the charts I want to create a template chart page with custom fields with the charts shortcodes. When duplicating the charts page the customer would normally have to "only" change the field IDs in the charts' shortcodes (copy them from the form page where they are given in a list, pasting them to a notepad and then copying the IDs to the proper fields in the charts page). What I wanted to achieve is some automation in this process. Ideally I have a dropdown ACF field on tha charts page where I select the correct form and all other shortcode fields get populated with the respective IDs. Since both forms list and form's fields can be displayed via API as JSON files, these can be used to connect with the ACF fields. This is my idea. Doing that is of course another question. I wanted to confirm the possibility of doing it this way.

My experience has been that anything I or my clients can conceive of has been achievable with Formidable. I haven't met a requirement yet that I couldn't accomplish with this tool.

I think you'll be able to accomplish what you want to do with your project. I can't advise you on it though, because in my thinking there's a much easier and less costly way to achieve the same goal. My hope is that another community volunteer will share your vision and be willing to jump into this thread to advise you. I'm just not the right person. Good luck with this.

In this case I must have not understood your concept with the "...1 form and 1 chart display page by using a combination of URL parameters and a custom post template to build the shortcode". Can you pls explain in more details? Thx.

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