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Contao Implementation


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Hi there, i´m using Contao 4.4 as main CMS. Unfortunately formidable is available just a WordPress Plugin. Are there any solutions to implementate fromidable in COntao via jquery (like Slider Revolution - i run a jquery version of it and works perfectly)   Formidable is my favourite choice for forms and surveys within websites...

Thx for any information


This is a public community based forum where questions are answered by volunteers. We are end users just like you with no insight into the Formidable team's future plans.

This is just my opinion, but I doubt that Formidable will wander out of the WordPress environment. The implications to a development team are enormous when you have to support multiple versions of a product.

If you want a better answer to you question, I suggest you contact the Formidable team through their support channel.

you are right, but it could be possible, that there´s a third party devoloper, who developed an jquery api for the contao system. Codefog in Poland did the same with the Slider Revolution from Themepuncher, that natively creates plugs only for wordpress.

Currently i use a blank WP installation with formidable Pro and insert the wp subpage via iframe into my contao mainsite...

hopefully there´ll be a smarter way without 2 CMS installations... WP as mainwebsite isn´t suitable for me as i am deep into contao.


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