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Convert numbers into words


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First of all, I wish an happy new year 2019 (from France)!

I use formidable forms with E2pdf to generate documents online.

I'd like to convert numbers puted in the number field into words; for example "555" shall have to appear also as " five hundred fifty five".

For these, I'd like to create a new field on formidable forms that will generate automatically the numbers in words, thanks to a php code.

But, after reviewing the documentation online, I still don't know where to put my php code:

  • creating an "html field" and put the php code under the settings: it doesn't work, obviously, php code is not supported.
  • implemented the php code under the functions.php of the wordpress theme(as read in the documentation): I don't understand¬† how this modification of the theme could add a new function into formidable forms;
  • ¬†implemented the php code under the source code of Formidable Forms: certainly the right solution but I don't know which folderI shall have to modify/ to create.


I'll be grateful for any help,

Thank you!

You may be better off using jQuery instead of PHP.

jQuery will execute in the browser and show you the results in real time. PHP executes on the server. To see the results in real time with PHP, you have to use Ajax. Ajax requires a jQuery function to monitor the field for changes, then call the Ajax function in functions.php to execute the translation and return the result to the browser.

If real-time display is not a requirement, then use your PHP in a Formidable Hook. You can find all of the developer hooks in the knowledgebase.

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