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The knowledgebase has an example of how to create a shortcode for storing cookie values in form fields.  But I can't get it to work.  I use the Code Snippet plugin and I added a snippet per the Formidable Knowledgebase:

This example creates a shortcode you can use on a page or inside of a form field. Example: [frm_referrer_cookie name="cookie_name_here"] or [frm_referrer_cookie name="frm_url_value"]

add_shortcode( 'frm_referrer_cookie', 'frm_referrer_cookie' );
function frm_referrer_cookie( $atts ) {
	$cookie_name = sanitize_text_field( $atts['name'] );
	$value = '';
	$cookie_name = $cookie_name . COOKIEHASH;
	if ( isset( $_COOKIE[ $cookie_name ] ) ) {
		$value = $_COOKIE[ $cookie_name ];
	return $value;

I then have a hidden field with this value in the form:

[frm_referrer_cookie name="referrer"]

I have a cookie plugin for Chrome and can see the cookie 'referrer' is set with a value but when the form is submitted the value of the hidden field is not set.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?


I figured it out.  I didn't notice before a hash was being added to the cookie name and I'm not adding a hash to the name when I set the cookie.


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