Custom JavaScript works on Chrome, IE and Firefox but not in Safari


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This has me perplexed for many days and I hope someone can help.

I have a form that works great when using Windows (Chrome, IE, Firefox etc) but when using Safari (Mac, iPhone) it does not work.
I’m using custom JavaScript that calculates the difference between a start time and an end time and displays it in a separate field.
Again, works great on Chrome, IE, Firefox etc but not on iOS.

Is there something else that I’m overlooking when using JavaScript on Formidable Forms?

Are there any errors showing up in the console?

Please post a link to the form so we can see the console.

Hi Victor,

Thank you for your response. I figured out my problem. I few days ago I had mistakenly added code to my function.php file and I never went back to remove it. This for some reason was causing issues with only Safari and not with the other browsers.

So the problem was with me and not the code itself that I was using as there was to errors being thrown and my javascript script code was valid. From here on out I will write down any changes that I make when working on adding new features to my website.

it's a lesson learned.

Again, thank you for your time in trying to help me.


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