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Hi all!

I want to use a Formidable form as a multi page registration form but i cant find how the entries are being saved. In the trail i can only see that results are being send by email but i hope i can use a database connection to get the registration information in another database - not WordPress connected. I found this plugin: Does anyone have experience with this or other ideas? Please let me know!

The WordPress database is MySQL.

Formidable has it's own table structure that follows the WordPress design. WordPress stores most of its content in the wp_posts and wp_postmeta tables. Formidable, on the other hand, stores its entries in the wp_frm_items and wp_frm_item_metas tables.

Unless you have "Do not store entries submitted from this form" checked on the form's settings page, your form entries are being stored in the two tables mentioned above.

If you want to store form entries in an entirely different MySQL instance on a different server, then you would use the Formidable API add-on. This add-on allows you to:

Send submissions to other sites with REST APIs including from one Formidable Forms site to another. Add a full forms API for forms, form fields, views, and entries.

Does this help?

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