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Delete Old Form Entry on Form Submission


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Hi Guys

I'd like to be able to delete an older entry on form submission. I was going to use this hook to instantiate the deletion of the old entry. The old entry would have been made in the past 6 weeks and match the users email address that they entered into the form.

I was just wondering is there a standard Formidable function I can make use of for deleting a particular entry in a formidable form? Other wise I was just going to write a custom sql statement to delete the form entry from the database.


You can try using FrmEntry::destroy( $id ). You have to know the ID of the old form entry for this to work.

Hi vfontjr

Greatly appreciate your reply, I'll give that a go.

Do you know if there is also a function for searching for a form entry? If not I'll write an SQL for doing the search.


I thing searching requires your own SQL, especially since you appear to be basing your search on user's email address. You'll have to search frm_item_metas where the actual field entry data is stored.

Hi vfontjr

I figured this might be the case. Thanks for your input :D

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