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Hi all - new to Formidable forms and VERY pleased with my new toy so far... 😉

I plan to use Formidable for teaching "business planning". Here is what I would like to do now:

(1) all students complete a task as preparation at home (basically I have a few drop downs on a form and they need to respond to each o them - easy!)
(2) they sign up to a group (another form - easy!), e.g. Group_Alpha, Group_Beta, Group_Charlie... Group_Zulu.
(3) they will now see and edit all items of the group and they need to agree with one option only (difficult for the students and the developer so far!)

At the moment I have a Fromidable view displaying all records but I need this view to only display those of the particular group. I guess I could swap activity 1 and 2 above - e.g. have the students sign up for a group first, so that Formidable knows the group of the student when entering the data (and then have it as a hidden & auto populated field for each record). This does however not solve the view problem to only display all items of the group to all students of the group only.

Any suggestions?


It sounds like you do need to switch part 1 with part 2 so that becoming a part of a group is the first step. I assume that these tasks are to be assigned within a group?

You can use a plugin like "groups" to handle the permission based functionality. You can render a shortcode that will allow a user to join a group that you create. You can then put your view shortcode onto a page or post and then limit the visibility in the groups meta box of that post.

Hi Bobby, thank you for your help (I will look into the WP plugin groups soon). Here is my Formidable solution I came up with - Do you think this is more complex than your proposal?

Having a group of users edit the same set of information is useful in a few scenarios such as:
- all students complete a set of data (e.g. scoping a project) then, the entire group needs to agree on one set (or scope) for the project to start
- meeting minutes with action points and notes etc.. visible for everyone in the group
- disadvantage of my solution: only ONE option per user (unless you repeat the exercise below a few times...)

To achieve group editing with Formidable Forms I have done the following:
- Create a form to enter (&edit) project names (ProjectAlpha, ProjectBeta etc) as usual
- Setup WP to use Formidable User Registration
- Add a radiobuttons (or dropdown etc) to the formidable user registration form (in my case "Project ID"); then > Load Options From > From Entries > Select Form (in my case "ProjectsTable")
- On the tab Settings > Form actions > Register User > User Meta > Name - set any "Name" you will need to use later, in my case "metaPID" & select "Value" from the User Registration form field
- This value should be available at any time to be captured as default or filter value
- Create the Formidable form and view for group data entry, view and edit (as usual)
- On the form: add a hidden field (e.g. Project ID) with the value [user_meta key=metaPID]  - this captures all data entries for the "right project" now
- On the view: Advanced settings > Filter Entries > "Project ID" is equal to [user_meta key=metaPID] - this shows only the data of the relevant group (or project in my case)

I hope that's it!


The outline you provide seems a good fit.

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