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I'm displaying a dropdown menu through the tag:
[x show=y]
This field is configured with separate values, in the view the value is displayed and not the label of the option.
Is there any parameter to use?

[x show="field_label"]

Hi Bobby,
If I understand correctly, what Tiago referring is the followings

1. Form 1 has field y which is a drop-down field with separate values (nz --> New Zealand, us --> United States, ...etc)
2. Form 2 has a dynamic field x which links to Form 1 via field y

Question is, how to display Country name in a view of Form 2?

Shortcode [x show=y] displays the separate value (country code) instead of the label (country name).

I tested and confirmed this behavior. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any shortcodes that can do this. Do you have any ideas?

Read here -> https://formidableforms.com/knowledgebase/advanced/#kb-dynamic-field-options

Maybe [x show="<fieldidhere>"]?

Yes, that is exactly what I meant by [x show=y].
But it displays the country code instead of the country name. Looks like it is not supported by shortcodes.

It only displays the values and not the label!

Hi Tiago,
I'm not sure how to get the labels. Obviously, it can be done with custom coding. As a community volunteer, I can't help much here. You could contact official Formidable forms support for help or hire a developer.

I agree. You need to post in the official forums and request the ability to select the label or the value.

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