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I'm creating a donation form, and before the user submits the form I would like to display a line just above the submit button that shows something like this: "I'm helping EonA with a donation of € ** per **, where both ** are values taken from radio buttons/fields/values in this form.

How can I do this? I've tried paragraph with [keys/ID's], but until now with no success.

You have to do this with jQuery. You need to have an HTML element above the submit button to receive the content string that you build with a jQuery function. The HTML element can be a paragraph, div, or any other element that can display a string.

What the jQuery basically does is monitor both input fields for changes. When both fields are populated, you can construct and display the string. I can't explain more than this without accessing your form's details. If you can't figure out how to do this, perhaps you should consider hiring a developer. It shouldn't take more than hour to create the code.

Is it really that difficult? :( Previously I had done something like this by using the option of filling in a field dynamically while a user fills in the form. So I was fiddling around with this and came up with what you can see in the screenshot. With css I could almost make this look decent enough, but I really thought this was something 'standard' in form software, but apparently I'm mistaken.


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