Display the date a user last submitted a form


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Does anyone know if it is possible to display the date and maybe time a User last submitted a form? Hope that makes sense


Thanks heaps 🙂

Hi Isabelle,
Here is one way of doing it.

1. Create a view for your form with following settings
a) View Format = Single Entry
b) Add [created-at] to Detail Page
c) Order by Entry update by Descending
d) Add filter, User Id = current_user
e) Clear "No Entries Message" or set a message to show for cases where the user has never submitted the form

This view display creation date of last submitted entry by the current user

2. Now use the view wherever you would like to display last submitted date & time

If you like to format the date, followings will be helpful

Hi Sujeevan,


Thank you so much for your fantastic reply, its exactly what I needed!




You are welcome.

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