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Hello, any help on this would be awesome and very much appreciated.


I'm looking to build a couple views that dynamically displays content based on the user id. BUT not the user id of the person who created the entry. best way to explain this is to just take you through the workflow:


Commercial Cleaning Forms View

I'm building a website for a commercial cleaning company and essentially, they want to take their inspection reports. The process is as follows:


  1. The inspector registers a client using a client registration form, this form creates the following:
    1. A client id
    2. A physical address
    3. A client email
    4. Any other basic info needed
  2. The client receives an email to complete registration and create a password
  3. The inspector will then inspect their building at a later date using the inspection form . This is a form that will have basic things like vacuuming, dusting ect. However, key for this to work they will also select a client id at the beginning of the inspection form, these values are dynamically drawn from the client registration form.
  4. Once the inspector is done he submit the form and it goes to two different views
    1. VIEW A: that is filter by the owner of the commercial cleaning company. ALL inspecitons will come here and the owner can filter based on the client id or the date
    2. VIEW B: A view that is only for the client, the client can only see inspecitons associated with their specific client id.

Hi Chris,
I have done multiple projects similar to your use-case. Usually, my approach is as follows,

- Implement user management functionality using Formidable user registration add-on (registration, profile and login forms). In this way, client details stored in both Formidable forms and Wordpress users.

- In the inspection form, add a dynamic/lookup field pointing to your registration form. This will auto-populate all registered clients

- Since your inspection form has client id, it is now possible to filter by client id in your view

Hope this puts you in the right direction

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