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Does the Zapier add-on plugin still work?


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The Zapier add-on plugin will not work in my WordPress 5.0 website.

The plugin-in installs, but Formidable Pro does not recognize it.

Anyone else have this problem?

The Zapier add-on is working fine for me.

When you say "Formidable Pro does not recognize it", what exactly do you mean?

If you navigate to Formidable → Global Settings, do you see the API tab and API key?

What happens when you create a Formidble Zap in Zapier? Are you getting an error when you test?

Do not see the API tab or key.

Zapier cannot connect, nor can it retrieve samples.

I removed all the plugins and reinstalled.... same result.

Brand new site with no conflicting plugins.


It sounds like you've done everything right, so I don't think I can be of any help as a community volunteer. I suggest you open a support ticket with the Formidable team.

Discussion closed.