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Double Opt in on custom forms?


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Is there an article on how to enable double opt in on every form which collects an email? Like: submitting the form sends an email where the user has to click confirmation link in order to publish the entry or create a post from entry. I know there is a registration and mailchimp addon but i do not use these because i don't collect mail listings or creating users. Just simple forms where i ask for emails.

What you are asking to do is actually quite complex and I've never seen an article explaining how to do this and I'm not 100% sure you can do this the way you want.

Unless a user is logged in and saving drafts is enabled, when a user submits a form, it is published. An email can be sent when the form is saved (published) to verify an email, but this opens a few questions.

You said you want to send the email before the entry is published or post created. This isn't possible. The validation emails are sent immediately after the entry is saved which and publishes the entry and creates the post.

You can prevent the post or entry from being displayed on the front end. But once the form is saved, how do you record the email validation? The only way I know of is to use the Formidable API add-on to update the original entry with the validation details.

But, as I mentioned, the post and entry are already created at this point.

You may be better off using a list tool for the validation. I don't believe what you want to do as described is possible.

Yes you are right. I know this is a complex task but necessary for gdpr compliance. My idea is to have a hidden form field like "confirmed" and values "no / yes". Then in the confirmation email to user you insert a link with a parameter attached to the url. once the user clicks it, the value of the confirmed field changes to "yes". Its not 100% compliant because data is already saved but i would say it's way better than nothing. only question left here: how to trigger the input value change out of an email link?! the user is not registered. i will check out the frm api addon. thank you.

So could you find a solution for this? actually the same problem here!

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