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"Duplicate Form" but one set of data entires


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I was just wondering if I could "duplicate form" but still access the same set of data entries?

After the initial submission, I would like to

  • have some parts of the form not editable (or at least not updated)
  • run the form without javascript (depending on the WP page it is displayed on)


When you duplicate a form, all of the fields receive new ID numbers by WordPress, so it becomes a completely different data set.

If you want to keep the data from two forms in a single data set, you have to copy the data from the duplicate form into the original form using a Formidable hook.

You can make any fields on a form read only (non-editable), through CSS and/or jQuery.

If you want to disable jQuery on specific pages, you can so do if it's your own custom code by checking the page-id class in the page's body tag. I'm not aware of anyway to disable Formidable JavaScript for specific form pages however.

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