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Easily Align Fields


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I'm struggling to make a form look good. The styling is such a mess!

Vide Page Here

I'm tyring to get things to align but they won't.

What's the best way to make this look neat and have the same width for all?

Any help is appreciated as I'm totally stuck! I'm also no CSS expert.



The first thing I see is that you have the labels set to display inline without a fixed width. That will never allow you to align the fields. Either put the labels at their default position or use left.

Second, you are trying to center all the fields on the form. It could be that Elementor is overriding some of Formidable's settings, but I can't tell for certain from what I can see from the front end. Elementor is using flex box and Formidable uses CSS Grid. It's possible that they are conflicting with each other, but I just don't know for sure. It's just a guess.

Thanks! That's much neater. I've never seen that 'Left' align. :-)  What a great find!

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