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A create a form and also a view based in that form.

After that i create another form just for searching in the view.

Also in view i can edit or delete records

The end result is in picture (Alpha)

So far everything is OK.. the filter works, we submit new records etc


My problem start when i try to edit a record

Pressing "EdiT" link as everyone can see in picture BHTA

a form exactly the same as the first for open with the data ready to make any changes

But when i press the Update Button as you can see in picture GAMMA the first form disappear

and the Update form stay with the new data in,  till i log out or make a new "search"

It don t change even if i refresh the page.

Is there a way to make it after the  data update ,to make the (update form) close automatically

So i can add new data from the first form???


My assumption is that your issue lies with you having the same form 2x on a page. You cannot publish the same form twice. https://formidableforms.com/knowledgebase/publish-a-form/#kb-limitations

It is correct.

You help me too much.

I also have another question

I download (buy) the Bootstrap Modal form plugin

But the result is not what they describe.

You can see the picture i attach my result

It opens at the bottom of the page and all my screen comes with a grey color and i cannot do anything




If you're applying this to multiple entries, it's likely an issue with the code trying to determine which entry the modal should be associated with. Try putting the modal shortcode into the dynamic content box and adding "-[id]" after your class or ID that Identifies the modal. This will end up producing something like "my-modal-23" where 23 is the unique ID of the entry.

I try it.

Nothing change

Same result.



I wouldn't be able to help with this without testing the issue. Can you link an example?

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