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Email with a link to file


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I have a form which is sending an email. I'd like to add to the email a link to a file. The email is not send if the link contains email not send email send

Is it a normal behavior? Any turn around?



Hi Greg,

Not sure why this is happening, have you tried running the link through bitly first?


Hi Stuart,

I have moved the file in a pdf folder on WP root and set the link as and that works fine.

Made a test with bitly as you recommend and that works also. So it seems that something is avoiding to send links with

Weird thing :(

I should fine a way to make it work. I don't want to ask my client to put pdf in root folder with FTP or ask him to bitly the link each time he needs to change pdf.


Hi Greg,

I know its not a solution but something I've also started doing is using google drive more often to store pdfs and other client files.  Its dead easy for them to drag and drop their new files into a google drive and I also use iframes on certain of their web pages to show content of some of the google drive folders. (not related to your issue though).

But it occurs to me that storing the pdf on a google drive solves your problem of letting the client access lower level folders.  Google can also serve the PDF very quickly and provides a non-descript shortcut link.

Hope this helps,


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