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Entry Submission Contains HTML in Email


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When a user submits an entry, the email that's sent to me is showing lots of HTML in the email content section. I've attached an image showing a bit of the HTML. I believe this is a fairly recent error as I don't recall seeing this before. I'm not sure why this might be happening?


I believe this happen when a user submitted special character that breaks the table sent into the email. The only solution I could think of is to santize each field upon submission

I've had this issue when sending from the wrong email address. Example: I have SMTP setup for but the form is sending from Make sure you're sending from an address that is configured on the server.

Thank you for the replies. I've checked for special characters in the submission form as well as checking my SMTP email, and they are all looking fine.

If there are other solutions, I'd appreciate other feedback as well.

Is this happening on all entries?

Yes it is.

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