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Etsy API and automating order submissions


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Sorry if I'm a little backwards on all this, I'm still trying to wrap my head around it.

Long story short, I provide print and fulfillment services to sellers on Etsy. A potential client recently asked if I had an API which they could send orders to. The client has created their own software that pulls their order info from the Etsy API and sends it off to their current printers API.

I'm wondering if it's possible to get Formidable to work in a similar way. Where the seller would be able to automatically send their order info to me and have it be "collected" by Formidable somehow. I use email notifications to receive orders.

Aaand... I think I'll stop right there, because I'm not really sure of the possibilities.

The potential client is being very receptive and would mostly likely be willing to customize what they are doing on their end to make this work, as long as it's automated.

Right now, I have a simple order form on my website, but because to their volume of sales, they are not interested in having to submit orders to me manually.

If there is a potential solution here, I'd like to better understand the workflow all it all before I start looking for a developer. (Who I would most likely contract through this website)

Much appreciated,


Take a look at the Formidable API:

I will definitely look into this more. I'm kind of confused right off the bat however. Where it states in the description "Send your Formidable entry data to any other site that has a REST API."

I aim to have Formidable *receive* data from an API.

Am I not understanding how the addon works?


Didn't mean to confuse you. You won't have the REST API endpoints to send data to the site without the add-on. It's the endpoints that are important.

Easily confused with certain things. Ok I'll research the idea more. Thanks

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