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Export CSV with Repeatable Sections?


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I have create a form with repeatable sections. How can I make the export so, that each reapletble section is gooing to be a row below the previous one?
Currently it like this:

Actie fietskleding 2017 2, 2, 1, 1 Wielershirt Comfort, Koersbroek comfort, Wielerjack Comfort, Salopette Comfort 3xl, 3xl, 3xl, 3xl Man, Man, Unisex, Man 22.5, 31.25, 31.25, 45 45.00, 62.50, 31.25, 45.00 183.75

You have to develop your own custom code to do this. You may want to consider using a tool like jQuery Datatables in a view and exporting the results as CSV.

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