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fatal error


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Fatal error: Class 'FrmFieldTextarea' not found in /var/sites/s/sitename/public_html/wp-content/plugins/formidable-pro/classes/models/fields/FrmProFieldTextarea.php on line 6

I have just uploaded a fully working site to the live host and everythig is broken, all files are uploaded correctly.

Has anyone encountered this error before and any clues on what is going on?


Sorry for crap title and formatting, this was a complete nightmare to post - it's taken me 45 minutes to post this - it seems the discussion is extremely aggressive about fighting spam and even stops logged in users from posting anything that includes a url.

This is the line of code that's being tripped on:

class FrmProFieldTextarea extends FrmFieldTextarea

This is instantiating a Pro field extension from a base field in Formidable. This is not an error you should ever receive if both Formidable and Formidable Pro are installed correctly. It's basically saying that Formidable Pro cannot find the base Formidable product.

This could be due to file permissions, PHP version, or any other number of server level issues assuming both products are installed correctly.

This is not an issue we can help troubleshoot as community volunteers. It requires access to the back end of your site and a deeper level of troubleshooting at the server level.

Thanks vfontjr, I understood the error, I just didn't know why it started doing this after uploading to the server, it's never done it before.

I was pretty certain it was a server config issue, but wondered if anyone knew what the actual server issue was.

I am in touch with the hosting guys and they are looking into it - thanks again :)

For future reference, if anyone gets this error, or similar I guess, when uploading to a server, here's what I did to fix the error:

Deactivate all the Formidable plugins (don't worry you won't lose anything!)
Delete the Formidable plugin files from the server
Refresh the plugins page (don't know if this is needed but it is what I did)
Re-upload all the Formidable plugins
Refresh the plugins page and re-activate Formidable Forms, then Pro, then any other extensions

Form pops up and works again - be happy!

Discussion closed.