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FF makes a one column in OP2 pages, posts are ok


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I have been wrestling with the "If you are human, leave this field blank."
See problem with formidable layout (page) (post)
This layout works but I cannot find a way to ad a conversion pixel to the post header

I have toggled global settings etc.



A Formidable Pro form is not a post. It is an element on a post or page. It doesn't have it's own post header.

Adding a tracking pixel to a specific page is theme bound. For example, every site I manage except 1 is based on the Genesis Framework. With Genesis, every page/post has a section for adding scripts to the header or footer of a specific page. The 1 site I manage that is not built on Genesis does not have this feature.

I suggest you contact your theme developer to find the right way to add your tracking code to the specified page.

Thanks Vfontjr,

I think I did not explain myself fully.

The ff is not displaying correctly on pages, only posts.

How do I fix that?


I see now.

The visibility of a field is controlled by the style sheet. Your page and post are using 2 different style sheet sets. Your page is using styles from Optimize Press. Your post is using styles from a cache, presumably the correct Formidable styles.

Neither of the styles match each other. As far as I can tell, this is not related to anything having to do with Formidable. You're going to have to figure out how to get the style sheets to match or use a single style sheet set. The Optimize Press style sheet appears to be overriding anything else.

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