File Upload field takes too much space


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Is there a way to change the way the upload file looks on a page? It takes up so much space with the boxed "Drop file here". Is there a way to just make a single line? I'm trying to fit inside a cell that is 320x400.

If it helps you, here's what I use:

/* Redefines the size and color of download buttons in the form 5 */
#frm_form_5_container .dz-message {
width:150px; height:20px; padding:0px; margin-top:0px; background:#ffffff; color:#ed811c; font-size:13px;

/* Redefines the minimum size of the download field in the form 5 */
#frm_form_5_container .frm_dropzone {

/* Hide the download icon in the form 5 */
#frm_form_5_container .frm_upload_icon {
display: none;

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