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Filter a View for a Child form using a field from the Parent Form


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We have a form that uses a Repeater field listing all the students. I've created a View to list all students alphabetically, but because the View is only for the Child form (the Repeater field), the field that I want to filter by from the Parent form is not available. I'm trying to use the frm_where_filter but I'm not sure how I access the Parent form in the coding. And I know that frm_where_filter relies on there being a Filter already in place, but I can't set one up for the reason mentioned earlier... so maybe this is the wrong hook to use?

This may work for your scenario:

Thanks, Victor! Your suggestion solved another issue I was having with a different View on this same project.

But in this particular case, it wasn't the answer.

I think this description might make things clearer, now that I re-read what I originally wrote :-)

The course Form that uses the Repeater field of Students has a field for the Educator teaching the course.

I can create a View of all students in all courses, using a for-each loop in the View to extract the Repeater field information.

However, in order to Order students alphabetically, I had to create a View that targets only the Repeater field - and that works great, I get my list of all students.

Now I want to Filter this alphabetical student View to show only students taught by a particular Educator. And the problem is that the View can only be filtered by fields within the Repeater field. The educator field is not available through the FF interface.

That's when I turned to the frm_where_filter code, but while I understand how to work with fields in the View itself, I can't figure out how to access fields in the "parent" Form.

It sounds like a nested view may work for you. The details are on the same knowledgebase page as before:

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