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Form layout inline on page


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I have been using FF for awhile, but I have a request to style a form with the form fields 'inline' with content..

Think of any 'contract', residential lease or what not.  The form captures the data, creates the pdf (using another plugin) and sends to person filling out the form for signature or e-signature.

There is a significant amount of data collected in the form and the need to have the 'contract verbiage' to be on page as they are filling out the form.

i have attached a sample screen shot of the document.

My thoughts were to be able able to create a any page, and then insert a FIELD shortcode from the form desired.

For example.  I have a form called LEASE with the following fields:  Tenant, Owner, Address, Rent, Lease-Start

I create a page with the following:

This Lease is between [LEASE:Owner] and [LEASE:Tenant] for [LEASE:Tenant] to occupy [LEASE:Address] starting [LEASE:Lease-Start] for $[LEASE:Rent] per month.

So, can this be done with FF as is? - I don't think so?

If not, any other solutions or thoughts to this?

Thank you



Doing this in the form itself will be difficult. Adding text to a standard page where you display the form is much easier.

Create a new page and set it up for columns using column classes, CSS grid, or flex box. Add the form to the left side and add your text to the right.

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