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Form looks weird in safari


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I'm coding for my client and she is using formidable pro version. I'm using "Section" to divide the two column, as you can see it looks good in chrome but not safari.

Please help!



You'll want to look in the CSS layout class part of the field element.

See attached image.

Select the field you would like to work with. Then click the arrow to expand the options. YOu'll see CSS layout Classes. Click in that field then to the right you'll see the Layout tab appear. You can then click FIRST then what size you would like that field to be.


I want this field to be FIRST and take up 1/3 of the page, because I want 3 fields to be inline.

That should get you started.



I fixed it, it seems like my browser is using the older version.

I checked this Load form layout styling for old browsers and it works.

Just curious, which version of Safari are you using?

I don't know the version but my client was complaining about it previously.

Discussion closed.