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I'm looking to do the following:

A client wants a multi-page form to show all of the fields on the final page of the form before submitting. These fields should no longer be editable on this page, but should look more like it were outputted in a view. Anyone done this before?

Hi Mike,
Yes, I have done this before. You can add an HTML field in your last page and use field shortcode to display values of fields individually.


First Name: [344]
Last Name: [433]
Age: [244]

Since this is HTML field, you can design the layout and styles of the last page using HTML & CSS.

Important points
1. This works only if the fields are in the previous pages. Fields in the same page can't be displayed in an HTML field which is not an issue for your case.
2. Most of the Formidable shortcodes except simple [###] will Not work. If you need more than simple [###] shortcode, then only option I can think is to use Javascript -

Thank you! That makes sense. I'll try this out!

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